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Total aerobic plate count of non sterile products
We examine the total „colony forming units“ (cfu) of different production samples according to adapted  methods.  This is a compilation some of our operation procedures: 

Challenge tests on preserved products
We examine the efficacy of your preservation system or prove the efficacy of the system developed by us. We carry out  challenge tests (=Konservierungsbelastungs- Testungen,KBT ) according to Eur-Pharmacopoe (EurP) or  USP .
Additionally we are able to vary the protocol according to your requirements, i.e.
Inclusion of more resistant microorganisms and/or repeated challenges.


This is an incomplete compilation of our protocols, please request for further information.

Microbiological Quality Management MQM
We advise you with the launching of a entire quality system for the assurance of the microbiological purity of your products.

GMP-Consulting –  Production Hygiene

Microbiologically pure  products can only be achieved by  introduction of hygienic production procedures . We advise you with it  and carry out regular control measures.