CosmartLab - Services      
Development Service

You have to launch a new product or a new product range as soon as possible? Give us a call and discuss your ideas with our specialists. Within the shortest time we will transform your ideas into sustainable solutions. We have the formula for your success in todays competitive markets.


Dermatological Service

We have at our disposal a number of test persons with different skin types. We are able to perform in-vivo- compatibility-, use- und efficacy -tests with your newly developed products.

Compatibility Tests

Epicutanous tests (Patchtests) are carried out according to two different protocols on 30 or 50 persons. We are able to assess the good or very good skin compatibility of your products.



Toxikological Service

Dr.Beckermann is qualified safety assessor according to EU-Directive. He carries out safety assessments of your formula in strict confidence.

Making Service

We carry out tests to adapt your formula to the conditions of the making in production scale (Up-Scaling). We have at our disposal mixing vessels of Stephan and Vacumix for batch productions from 30 bis 100 kgs .


Medical Device-Service

The EU-Directve for Medical devices offers new possibilities for the marketing of products around wound heeling, pain releif and contraception. We advice you in the classification and registration.

Data Service

elektronical data of raw materials for the compilation of recipes . We offer the data you need for your ERP-program.

Microbiological Service

We examine your products onto microbiological purity and advise you in questions of microbiological specifications, production hygiene, sterilization, preservation and desinfection.

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